Antistropic Filtering Problem (please Help)

i have my graphics all the way up and yet i still get these stairways in gmod…i have an nvidia geforce 8600 512mb, pentium D cpu

Is anti-aliasing activated?

yea i had it up to like 8X

Vertical sync enabled?

I get this, too. For some reason, AA doesn’t seem to work nearly as well on Source 2010 as it did on earlier builds (like '07).

The only way to fix this completely is to increase your resolution to at least 1920x1080 (1080p/i HD). So basically, unless you have a really high-end monitor, there is no way to fix this.

What does V-Sync have to do with this? Vertical Synchronization has absolutely no affect on visual quality.

yea my res only goes to 1280x1024

For the record, not only do I run my Source games at 1280x1024, it’s also my monitor’s native resolution.

yea its my native too

You could try forcing AA from the NVIDIA control panel.

i have done so many settings from both the game and the control panel…turning things on and off with no avail

now I’m getting this other problem…this line fallows in front of me where ever i go…and whatever that is in front of the line is blurrier

Are you sure your graphics card supports are the rendering methods used nowadays in Source engine, my friend had similar problem with his old computer with some really grap graphics card.

i have an nvidia geforce 8600gt 512 mb with updated drivers…i don’t see a prob with it its only in gmod that i have a prob…and i made a fresh garrysmod folder too and it does the same thing…so its not anything in my addons

Did you draw that blue line, or is that actually in-game?

Also, that might be the DoF (Depth of Field) post-processing effect. Be sure to check it.


And you’re also running at a resolution greater than your monitor’s native resolution. Try setting your resolution back to 1280x1024.

yea i drew the blue line…and i am running it at my native…lol

The image you posted is 1455x1165. You said your monitor’s native resolution is 1280x1024. :colbert:

And sorry for the bump; I’ve been gone for a few days.

well i have both my monitor and the game to 1280 X 1024