AntiVar, a quick incrementvar disabler

Here’s a quick script to combat incremenetvar, it’s not going to catch people that know what they’re doing, but it will catch the 99% that don’t.



Update 1
Fixed a false positive and a bypass.
Update 2
Fixed another bypass and removed some concommands from the convar list.
Update 3
Added sv_allowcslua to the blacklist.

i dont play gmod but
there’s also multvar which does a similar thing
don’t you have to patch that too

It works for that too.

Why don’t you have sv_allowcslua in the list?
EDIT: Although you can’t use lua_run_cl with it, lua_openscript_cl still works.

Oops, added.

Not having heard of this exploit previously, the video gives me the gist of it.

Is it being patched out of the game soon?

It already is in dev branch but there’s some shenanigans with Lua’s garbage collector that’s keeping it from being pushed to main

I put it on Workshop.

debug.getlocal = nil
debug.setlocal = nil
debug.setupvalue = nil