AntiVirus and experimental branch

Has anyone else seen their AntiVirus (using av) show that the RUST experimental branch is malware? This popped up when I tried to run it so I deleted everything and reinstalled and that took care of it.

That could happen because new branch uses EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) system. EAC reads game memory when it’s running like malware usually does. But EAC checks it for cheats. That’s why antivirus may find it unsafe. You should just ignore any antivirus warnings related to Rust I think.

Should be fixed now. To get rust to work again you’ll probably need to get those files out of the AVG quarantine, otherwise all new updates will automatically be moved there -->

Yeah this was because I hadn’t signed the launcher. It should be signed and fixed now.

Most likely known, but here you go.

(3rd person w first person still shown)

Thanks - all, Appreciate the response - I got worried for a minute.

I just tried the experimental branch for the first time, and it still detects EAC as a virus. Im using AVG.

@iPollox: Thanks for reporting this. I have contacted AVG for white-listing with samples to fix the false positive.

Is there any way we could get EAC on the current ‘main’ branch?

Doubtful, I don’t think they’re making any changes to the old branch anymore. There’s no point really, it’s just gunna be obsolete when the experimental is finished being built

I was hoping it wouldnt be too difficult to implement it. Without an estimated time until the experimental branch becomes playable i fear the already rampant hacker situation to increase. I am sadly addicted to Rust and havent found any other game to occupy my time.

I’m using BitDefender and I can’t even download the install file from the EAC website without completely turning it off.

It shouldn’t be a problem to turn off your AV, install EAC, then turn your AV back on.

@mclmrtn: Please see this thread if it helps, thanks.