Antivirus is detecting new gmod update

Should I be concerned? The new gmod update is triggering my antivirus for some reason, is there a possibility of some sort of compromise, or is it just freaking out over nothing?

You can try deleting hl2.exe and verify your game cache just to be sure.

If it comes up again then it’s caused by the new update today. That’s strange that it got flagged though.

I am having this problem too, except it just deleted my .exe and now the message

Failed to start game (missing executable).
I have looked for any .exe file in garrysmod and have not found anything. I have found some modification to my cfg, bin, and cache folder 18 minutes before I downloaded it, either I have a virus or it is just my noobness to looking in file folders.

That’s very very strange.

You guys may want to try turning off your anti-virus then. It should give you any issues after you turn off your anti-virus and verify your game cache from your Steam library.

I do not think it is my antivirus, I just switched it so now it will not do anything to steam, and then what will I do?

You can verify your game cache by going to Steam > Library > right click Garry’s Mod > Properties > Local Files Tab > Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

Once you do that, Steam should start downloading some files

. Once that’s done, you may start Garry’s Mod.

It says one file fails to validate, really annoying retried it like 9 times


It’s always going to say that.

oh XD sorry

still doesnt work

What does it give back exactly? Still the missing executable?

Yes, still missing executable

That’s strange.

Unfortunately, I’m currently very busy right now. Can somebody else give their input?


Not trying to sound like an ass, I just am not at my best right now :slight_smile:

Nah it is fine, don’t worry about it, I will just play CS:GO!

Apparently a ton of people are experiencing this issue, look at RobotBoy’s profile and the Update page…

It is a false positive, add it to your safe files.