Antler Chandelier Texturing

Hey all.

I know this is a fair bit to ask, but I’d like this textured. I’d like to use this in a map, and I can’t pay anyone so it would have to be done out of kindness.

Sorry if I came across as “do this for me now”, it would just be amazing if I could implement this in.


I’ll put a $50 bounty on this if anyone wants to take it up.

i’m assuming since you didn’t mention what type of texture, i can render it as an ao then use plain colours on it.

For $50 I could make you a better one instead of trying to fix this absolute mess:

Whatever works then I guess. If you want to make one from scratch that’s totally cool, and I’d prefer wood textures if possible.

May I also request one with a long chain and a short chain, along with the QC files? I may recompile the LOD distances myself. Hopefully it won’t be too much trouble.

Clearly not. It’s an antler chandelier, it should be textured like an antler chandelier. Thanks for your input though.

If you can do it better, please do. This was just the best existing thing we could find that matched the look we were going for.

No worriers, i’m just getting rid of that option.