Antlion attacks a Combine Soldier

Would make more sense if the soldier had a sniper rifle or some other long-range weapon.

Horrifically posed, bland, no blood, little to none edits(ti could do with SOME)

Needs editing. The posing isnt that bad at all, it just needs a a better angle as well to make it more intresting.

Why would a Combine soldier carry a colt? If he’d use a pistol, it would be the HL2 9mm one or the .357


A bad architect can comment on what he thinks looks like a penis.


I tried editing it.

I like the edit there, Joazzz.

Just because A: I’m bad at editing
Doesn’t give you the right to ridicule me.

I am not ridculing you, just merely stating my opinion.
And nice edit, Joazz

The posing’s actually quite fine.

I agree, even tough the antlion’s back leg is a bit wierd.

Antlion’s foot wouldn’t stick on the roof, so I moved it up to his body.

It just looks a bit like it was tripping on something.

This is in desperate need of a better camera angle.

You sure?


What would you suggest?
Firstperson, the other side?