Antlion Grub Door and Combine Autogun?

Hello. I’m working on a map that contains a network of antlion tunnels, but I tried implementing the ‘grub doors’ that can be found- basically webbing that blocks tunnels. I did manage to make it actually come up in EP2 after I compiled it, but I don’t know how to make it work- in EP2 you could attack it and it would break. For me, it acts as though its made of metal.
If anyone can help me out with this, I will appreciate it.

Finally, I have been trying to recreate the combine autogun from the EP2 chapter ‘Under the Radar’. While I can make the cannon shoot at its targets, I don’t know how the generator was done- it would open when a button on it was pressed, and could be destroyed by a grenade dropped into it. I need to know how the generator was set up.

Thank you for helping. :slight_smile:

Try decompiling that map.

Do not copy paste it into your map, just look at it and figure out how it works.

I suspect the web door is a prop_dynamic, wrapped in a func_brush with a trigger texture, which has an output like OnDamaged - grub_door_1 - PlayAnimation - OPEN.

Or something like that.

The generator in Ep2 is either a dynamic model, or a set of brushes. Inside of it, there is a point_target (or whatever it’s called, I don’t remember too well), with it’s filter set to a damage_filter, which allows only explosion damage to pass. If the point_target is damaged by an explosion, it fires an output, triggering the explosion/destruction of the box/stopping the gun.

I’m making him a tutorial


First off I’m going to need to you make a prop_Dynamic with the model name “grubtunnel_door.mdl”

Disable collisions on it. Name it "Door"

Next make a nodraw brush around the model, press control+T and make it a func_breakable. Name it door_break

Make sure it has NO GIBS

next make an npc_antlion_grub (Name it grub_door) and place it in the middle of the prop_dynamic, put the func_breakable just infront of the prop_dynamic too.

Now for I/O
Go to the func_breakable and put these in:


go to grub_door and put these in:


Compile and play!


If anyone can give feedback on that I’d be happy to change it. I’m tired at the mo.

Wow. You should submit it to Interlopers or Half-Wit 2. It seems like a handy tutorial, when needed.

does it work well?

Great tutorial :buddy:

Thanks a lot, especially to you, Zapding. :slight_smile: Its very kind of you, I’ll have a go.


That is what I would do, but I have never decompiled a map before. I know which one it is, but I can’t seem to find the VMF. Even if I do get it, I’m not sure what to do next.

Yep, the grub door does work. :xd: Thanks a lot.