Antlion Guard problem

I recenly dled a pack off called new npcs that i think deleted my antlion guard model can somebody help or post the model

What in the fucking hell?
No seriously.
Your GCF automatically replaces the model if you accidentally deleted it, so…

  1. You are incredibly dumb and didnt try restarting
  2. You pirated gmod
  3. You are trying to fool us into giving you a model that you dont have because you havent bought the game that has it.

i didnt restart dont be mean

Give me one good reason why not.

i restarted it was replaced by antlion guardian model which doesnt work so it is invisible so stop bein a jackass and dont download this pack

See above post.
Also, do you have Ep2?

Not having Ep2 and downloading that pack would probably cause your issue.

i have ep2