Antlion Hole Sent

I’d want someone to make the holes like in the nova prospekt prison when you get the bugbait. They would be like this: There are 2 sents, One is the hole that will have friendly antlions, the other would be like in ep1, the antlions are NOT friendly. the friendly antlion holes would react to the bugbait, like in hl2.

You keep asking for the bugbait, but that has to be done either by a global variable which will affect ALL ANTLIONS, or with ent_fire which CANNOT be done in Lua.


Woah, but I was told ent_fire commands couldn’t be done without a lot of bugs.
My mistake anyway, I looked it up and if you set the global variable, then set the relationships of the “evil” antlions back to hate, they’ll still attack you but the “good” ones will act as in Nova Prospect. It’ll be buggy though, as right-click will call the evil antlions to you and that’ll make you their primary target, and they’ll still run away for a few secs if you throw bugbait behind them.

EDIT: Also, I want this without the bugbait complications.

This was only a request, if it’s not possible then dont make it, if its possible, then try to make it, sadly im not a LUA Coder.