"Antlion" jump swep

I’ve been looking for a swep that could simulate the antlion leap from hl2, I was hoping of modifying some of those fast zombie sweps that are laying around garrysmod.org, but alas, they’re so broken that fixing them is well beyond my skills.

It shouldn’t be too hard to make, with the following features:

[li]Primary fire: Melee attack[/li][li]Secondary: Forward Leap[/li][/ul]
Not necessary, but very much appreciated:

[li]Sounds?[/li][li]Remove fall damage?[/li][li]Working attacking/jumping animations?[/li][/ul]
Automatic model change is not necessary, so long as animations are working if model is set to the antlion’s.

Thanks in advance!

So you want to make yourself an antlion and then leap around? Or make spawned antlions leap around?

Yes, this. But like I said the swep itself doesn’t need to change my model as I can do it myself by other means

Think of it as a “lite” version of the npc pills, no need to have the swep change my model nor going into third person and all that, just a swep with melee as primary fire and a higher jump as secondary, possibly with working animations and sounds