Antlion map ideas

Hello. I wanted the communities opinions on a map idea I have and am experimenting with, basically a coastal area, which in the HL2 storyline would be infested with antlions.

So far, it has a central sandy area, that contains the spawn. Three of the sides are bordered by displacement cliffs, and the other will be bordered by the sea. (This is interesting, should I try and get leeches in there to attack people who go too far?) One of the cliffs, I am starting to try and make a network of antlion caves in there. Mainly, I want ideas and opinions, which means that if you are just going to flame, please don’t post. This is one of my first maps, and I like antlions, so…

I thought I could have the ‘stay on the rocks’ theme from the Sandtrap chapter- if you stray onto the sand, a group of antlions will emerge and attack. And for the caves, I might add antlion grub NPCs. I have a good idea for them, which I believe Valve tried once- can it be possible to have antlion/workers arrive if the grub is agitated or squashed? I thought it would have a more hive feel, like how a colony of ants will tend to their larvae in real life. I probably won’t complete the map, I usually run out of ideas, but it seems good. Thank you for sharing your views. :slight_smile:

And yes, this map would require Half Life 2: Episode 2, due to the antlion cave materials and possible NPCs.
I probably won’t be able to provide screenshots, when I try, they appear a lot smaller than they should be. :confused:

Kind of like an idea I had for an RP map, You could spawn in this small town with a few shops and a small combine base, then to get to a rebel base you have the cross antlion infested grounds.

Any way I like your idea for this map, I would like to see it be done.

I’d say have a bay, with an abandoned house, maybe a crashed headcrab pod and some zombies. Use rocks sparingly, I’d almost make them get on the sand at least once. Then do your cave, almost maze like, although you could make all paths lead to the same place, and then exit to where you have to cross another bay to some sort of staircase that leads up to a mansion.

Of course, if this is one of your first maps, I’d not attempt it. I would deffinitely not attempt it at my level, I don’t know your skill.

I don’t think that was enough generic stuff list some more. :slight_smile:

Hey it’s his map. I’m just stimulating his imagination.

XD And you have, I like your ideas. :slight_smile: I was actually considering having the antlion guardian in there. I mean, have it immune while in the cave, so you have to lure it out to fight it. :wink: The cave is coming along nicely. it looks like a natural cliff cave, but there is a small hole down the end, that leads to the main hive. I’m not sure about having a mansion, but I recall the coast levels having some small shacks in it, so I might add those. :slight_smile: Keep coming with the ideas.

By the way, if anyone can tell me how to put images on here at their proper size (I use photobucket), then I can put screenshots on. :slight_smile:

Actually, this is probably the fourth attempt at a map, and this will probably be the only one out of them to be released. One is an experiment with combine architecture, the other one I like, however, is a kind of open ground, fairly large, with a combine building at one end and a rebel building at another. it has strider nodes, path_tracks for gunships, everything for NPC movement. Theres also buttons in the combine base to summon troops from dropships and stuff, though getting them to deploy is a different matter…they carry striders too. Theres a button to summon a strider, and also shield scanners that will scout for the strider, sending them information on their targets as seen in HL2. :slight_smile: But the buildings are rather blocky and I would probably be flamed for bad design if I were to release it. Best for NPC battles.


Ah. Do you mean the pod is crashed INSIDE the house? I remember that part of the coast level…you enter a locked house. theres a crashed pod in there, and several poison headcrabs. On the little ledge of an upper floor, near all the SMG grenades, is a poison zombie that takes most people by surprise when they try getting the grenades. XD

Oh yeah, I considered the possibility of some flooded caves, with an underground lake. :slight_smile: I thought I could have the antlion guardian in there, on the other side. Someone I know in real life suggested I should have some kind of lair or shrine to the guardian, with skeletons nearby. Think this sounds good?

Was it? I don’t remember the coast level very well, it was probably a subconscious connection.

I think I remember it.

It’s where the stairs are broken and you have to jump to get up them, then you look around and find some ammo, then you get buttraped by a poison zombie and some poison head crabs.

Scared the b-jesus outta me.

Oh I remember. I used them to heal me.

Thats it. XD the zombie made me jump too.

Heres something to be considered- should antlion workers unburrow as well as regular ones when the sand is touched? Obviously the workers will be less frequent.

i have an idea for an Antlion map, how about you ditich the coast idea and make it amap where the players are tiny in size, for example, the antlions spawn from a giant anthill, people take cover in gutters and empty buckets.

The workers should stay in the tunnels.

Possibly possible, but I think I prefer the coast theme. :wink:


XD I think thats probably wise.

You’d have to make the map really big because editing the player size in a map is impossible.

Also, that would mean custom props, custom textures etc. and no offence, but it doesn’t sound like a very good idea.

Yeah, and besides, I am already well into the map I’m already doing. I have the first cave leading to a ‘pit’ that leads to the hive complex.The caves are made of displacements, I’m trying to seamlessly blend the ledge and pit wall. Unfortunately…no avail so far. I’ll hopefully overcome it.

Heres a little one for the design that I thought up: Maybe one of the caves is pretty high up compared to the others, and comes out of the cliff near the top- some cliffs do have such caves. If I could do that, then maybe I would be able to get antlions to jump up to it along ledges…I’ll look into it.

If you have suggestions, just go for it. :slight_smile: Everything shall be considered.