Antlion player animations fix

It’s always been bugging me how if a player uses an antlion model (using the model manipulator or otherwise), it will show as if he’s always facing the same direction, the player will see himself turning around normally through a camera, but for everyone else, he will always be facing the same way. This is rather irritating as I’m trying to make a machinima and I need antlion actors

Are antlion animations not supported for players?
Can it be fixed?

Thanks in advance

If someone made the animations and changed the models bones probly…

There’s no need for all that

That looks like it would be more entertaining in third person when you get flipped over in my opinion, but still looks awesome.

well but that’s a gamemode and it’s a work in progress. Although very sexy that’s not much of use to me right now

I’d just need an animation.lua or something, although the whole scripted antlion would be awesome I guess it’s into the gamemode script, and that’s not what i need
But I doubt you’d just give away pieces of codes to anyone, and I understand it, I’d love to have more info about it for when and if it gets released though