Antlion Spartan Battle

Few of my favorite tools to use in Garry’s Mod is the NPC Camera.

What I would always do is spawn a bunch of friendly npcs, which in here are Spartans. After applying multiple cameras to a few of the npcs, spawn some enemies and prepare for some warfare. This works great in open fields and very interesting when applied in narrow sections like tunnels.

However, there are a few issues with the NPC’s AI. They barely move unless the enemy is very close by are charging in front of them and animations to the arms/gun are silly (You’ll notice in the film)

Of course one can’t simply just record the video then call it a day? Well for me, I need to work my magic and go crazy with special effects. Creating a custom HUD with all the essentials of a Halo Spartan, applying motion blur and a hint of camera shake should do the trick.
Dohoho, but there’s more! After special effects comes the next best thing! Sound Editing! All of the audio is done by me and stock audio, none from the recording. It really is a joy to do sound editing. Fiddling/Experimenting with sounds to your liking. As shown here…

Tell me what you think!

It’s probably not your fault, but the camera is very tilted to the right. Probably just the NPC camera.

I think it’s because of how the NPC holds the gun. Wish there was a way to fix that :T

That’s actually pretty cool for how short it is.
Love the Wilhelm scream early on too.

thats cool and yeah to bad that bug isnt fixed, npc camera doesn’t even work for me. =/

and thats a shit load of sound layers

The effects look really good, wish there was way to move the npc camera origin.

Nice to see someone notice the little easter egg :smiley: