Antlion Survival Map: als_sewer

Really proud of this one. Has some nice lighting, I think, and I put the little specks of dust you see by the open grates. For additional atmosphere I added some cars up above, one of which is half inside the grate which is broken. There is an ammo crate for SMG and for AR2. There are also 3 wall health dispensers.


You can see the lighting pretty well in the last pic.

Anyway, since I’m really proud of this one. Also there were some prop_physics (crates, barrels, tires) but prior to these screenshots I had done some deadly combat with some antlions :slight_smile:

C&C please, where can I improve from here?

Oh by the way, it’s on toybox!

I can barely see…

Lighting is better in game. Just try it in toybox. If you still have a problem, I’ll just adjust my Ambient a little.

Maybe add more detail to the walls, looks a bit bare.

Not even real sewers are this blocky, they generally have curved walls.