Antlion Survival Map

It’s like Starship Troopers. Designed to be like a L4D finale, with regular antlions spawning normally and then guards spawning once every 2 minutes. Good for teamwork and just having a good time with a few friends.

Other pics are at


It looks blocky and fullbright.
The smoke looks like someone sprayed paint all over it.
The textures could use some work and the decals as well.

It not fullbright as you can see shadows. It is however over blockified and has very spiky displacements. Good idea, but poor execution.

The buildings are too blocky and the displacements look terrible. The smoke needs work too. Oh yeah, and so does the lighting.

The excessive lighting distracted me

M’Kay. Thanks for the C and C guys, I’ll fix it this evening.

-Lower sun pitch

-detail the boat. Which, by the way, is VERY blocky anyway.

-blacken the smoke

  • adjust displacements

Anything else just tell me.

I don’t think ships shoot out red/brown smoke when they crash.

Also, for your picture above, I think a model would be better than brushwork.


Hmm. How did you get a pic from the same site to work?

Anyway I’d rather not have custom models. I’ll adjust the ship, maybe add some nicks in it from when it crashed, put some debris around it. More atmospheric. Also I had an npc maker that makes a citizen with an SMG spawn every 5 minutes to help you out for a while. Whether that be for distracting the antlions or actually doing some damage. I might want to make the map bigger…add a bug hole where the guards come out of. Maybe a full blown Klendathu map.

Ok I’ve got 5 antlion survival maps good to go. Look at the pics at the download

Pretty much this, the concept idea is good.

Good idea, poorly executed…

What said the above poster, it’s not a bad attempt and you have learned some things with this map I guess, but your displacements are awful and look like you didn’t put any effort in them.

Although I won’t blame you for the dropship because even for an advanced/expert mapper, brush vehicles are a pain in the ass and it’s even worse when the vertexs decide to fuck up.

Use a model for the ship OP, use Nem’s terrain generator as well if you’re struggling with displacements.

Search Hell’s Half Acre on google images. That’s where the Klendathu scenes in the movie were filmed, and what my map is based off of. See, It’s not that I don’t know how to use displacements, it’s just that I’m trying to map with difficult terrain. Besides, it was a lot of fun to make and is even more fun to play. For me, that’s what I care about most.