Antlion Trooper

that is one pretty antlion

Was hoping for some kind of Antlion/Soldier crossbreed.

I am disappointed.


It also doesn’t look like you fingerposed…

Why is he shooting at something off screen when there are two antlions right in front of him? :v:

Mr.Offscreen is ** ALWAYS ** the greater threat.

Too lazy to make impact wounds. :v:

Fucking 69105.

There is quite a lot of aliasing.

There appears to be some kind of brushed effect in parts of the image but not in others. I don’t know if this was intentional but it looks cool nonetheless. The posing is pretty solid. I see lens flare circles also but no lens flare. Also his shoulder/armpit has some kind of strange distortion going on there. Lighting seems pretty inconsistent as well. Compare for example the lighting on the helmet and holster with that on his back.

the wonders of stark phong mapping make it so everything gets aliased and the lighting only APPEARS inconsistent because only certain parts of the model are fully affected by the same specular map. That’s a botchy game engine and halfassedly rigged model for you!

yeah i forgot

after spending 30 minutes trying to pose an antlion without it going apeshit I settled with NPCs

my experiments aren’t made to be pretty. I’m not going to waste my time shopping in blood effects and other garbage when I already know how to. The basic principle of this image is to play the usage of desaturation techniques to achieve perfect lighting conditions and manual color blending

Bottom most antlion is too far offscreen, it throws the composition of the shot out too much.

Woah thats one HD looking Antlion.

Why is the muzzleflash colorless?

oh god anyone saying this is bad is a moron

learn cinematography