I had this idea a while back and have just started making it happen.

Basically, there’s two teams of ants (red and blue for now), and the game is played in Ascension-style 2d-3d perspective. The objective is to get to your team’s underground nectar deposit and recover 10 pieces of nectar before the other team does. The thing is, though…there’s only 18 pieces of nectar on the map. Meaning that you have to steal the opponents nectar to win. So it plays out kind of like capture the flag, in a way. Players will have jetpacks for navigating the deep tunnels. There are 2 classes as of now, fighter ants and worker ants. The worker ants are like the engineer from tf2, and the fighter ants are like the heavy/soldier/scout/etc. They kill things, workers build things to kill things. They also support the team with things like automated diggers and barricades.

Look through this instructions image I drew up to get a better understanding of everything (NOTE: Screenshots were taken before I started making the game. So no, it won’t look that bad on release.)

Weapons Demo Vid (OLD):

Also, I’m going to need some modelers. If you’re interested in modeling for this please email me at, or add me on steam. Name’s “shoffing”.

:siren:UPDATE 7/14/10:siren:
Overview/progress report video

This seems really cool, could have bigger maps and more upgrades and classes perhaps.
Also, shouldn’t this be in gamemode section?

Sounds cool.

I like pretty much everything you’ve mentioned in that image you posted.

Hope to see a release sometime. :buddy:

Teams should be red and black - have you ever saw a blue ant before?

Pretty cool, but this belongs in the gamemodes section.

The image dosent load for me :sadddowns:

Ahh good idea! I really wasn’t thinking of the color of ants when I chose the colors, I was thinking TF2.

Cool!! Now it would be nice if there was some antlions or something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(Sorry, if it was mentioned already)

Somehow reminds me of digdug. Thumbs up and good luck.

An antlion spawner thing is one of the unlocks for the worker ant class. Read thru them all, they’re on the bottom right of the image.

Video of 2 of the weapons for the fighter ant. The earthshaker’s pretty cool in my opinion, you should check it out :smiley:

PS: I’M STILL LOOKING FOR MODELER(s)!!! (more info here:

This looks amazing.

Epic gamemode is epic… nuff said

I like this gamemode already. Original, weapons specific to the gamemode, and simple to understand. I’d love to play this when you’re ready for people to try it out.

Reminds me of an old mod Insects Infestation. Any how looks good so far

Im willing to help out however i can on anything but i will need to be taught most things Dx but i really wish to help this great sounding gamemode

Epic. Ant Farm might be a better fitting name though?

I added a new video to the original post. Take a look, tell me what you think!

Looks good to me. Then again, I can’t speak for everyone I’m sure :v