Any addons that handle ~200 props? Also, EGP rendering bug.

I’m working on a tram which consists of almost 200 props. I use parenting for the props that are only for the looks of course.

I’ve tried to nocollide the tram with some addons, but none of them can handle the amount of props I have. Some of them start spamming lua errors even though they work on a smaller number of props, others simply tell me that they are not willing to work with such a big number of objects.

Any addons out there that can handle working with so many props? Welding them would be handy too but I can do that manually since I’m using a base prop.

Also, I’m trying to render an EGP screen onto a 0.25x1 PHX plate using WireLib but any objects *behind *the prop overlap the screen. I suppose this is a bug waiting to be fixed by the wire team since I’m not the only one having it. Anyway, if there’s a solution I’m all ears.

(Note that the rendered EGP screen is actually* in front of *the 1x1 plate)

Any help is appreciated.