Any Advanced Car / Engine Servers?

Ive recently got into building cars in gmod with working engines and suspension steering etc… and i would love some help :P, or just to see the community around the cars, and to see what other people have made. A server where people help each other would be nice :), Not the average build server where the just break everything.
Thanks for the time :)…
Sorry if this is already a thread…


Yeah I’ve been having a lot of fun building engines and stuff lately. None of my experiments have worked particularly well though so it’d be kinda useful to get some tips on the best ways to do stuff.

There’s only so much you can learn from vague youtube videos hehe.

Search for a server called: “The pit”. There are a lot of very experienced players, who have a common interest for land vehicles.

Cant seem to find “The Pit”

Ty very much, cant wait for some people to come on it :wink:

[VCB] server group :slight_smile: we have 3 servers, dallas, new york, and chicago. Search us up :>

I am one of the superadmins of the pit and i can assure you that i ban noobs very frequently. so we have experienced players that mainly specialize in vehicles.