Any Blue Colored Suit Breen?

I’m making a Gmod 10 machinima called “Fisftull of Mingebags”, Its a sidestory of TFC also taking place at a time when the TFC engineer wasn’t hired as a mercernary.

I’m playing as Blutarch Mann, and I’ve been looking for a custom skin for Dr. Breen playermodel with his suit and pants the color blue.

If you can please make me this simple skin I will credit you for the skin in my machinima and thank you for a long time. Or if you have a link of where I can find a blue colored suit/pants Breen then please reply with the link.

Thank you and good day/night.

get and vtfedit then just change the hue of his suit and that should be all you have to do. (sorry if this seemed rude)

hmmm, if it’s that simple I shall then do that.

Thank you my good man :smiley:

(oh and it wasn’t rude)