any cars In the future?


oh yea and did the devlopers said any FUTURE Things are going to add?

You can build a car. In fact, it’s one of the first things I would do when stranded on an island. Just find a blueprint for it laying around, then gather some stones, leather/cloth (depending on seat quality), animal fat, and metal fragments. You’ll also need to make a workbench to build it. Craft time is about 60 seconds.

And don’t forget to add fuel.

Only admins can spawn one at the moment and it does not function. Obviously it’s been talked about by the staff but no one knows the status of it.

Hopefully they wont add another car :P…
The admin car is already enough…

I remember when the car worked for testing… Ahhh, good times!

i see your point but a bicycle or maybe tame a deer to ride couldn’t be outta the question.

if you have explored the map much the island is huge and some transportation in the future will be needed.

Catgut is right. While a car would be extremely out of place in a forest of uncivilized players, a bike or taming wild animals would add more to the game and make another variable to the game ultimately increasing value.

yes… NO CAR. no Heli… No anything modern! im glad all weapons will be replaced with non modern.