Any chance of getting ban for using macros?

I have heard that some people have gotten ban for using overlays so I figured I would ask here before using anything that isn’t directly built into the game.

I have a macro for auto run and auto harvest, is there any possible chance of getting ban for using them?

No dude, i wouldnt think so.

They only manipulate keyboard-commands coming into the game.
My macro for harvesting / knocking down doors is an actual rock. I dont think Im getting banned anytime soon either.

no! As long as there is nothing hooked into gamefiles or files are altered in any way … no!
You can have macros to do everything for you, and it’s legal. It’s the same as clicking the keyboards actionkeys … or writing the commands in console, only u made the macro do the job for you!

BUT … I am curious … how did u make a auto run macro? I tried?? only think I could do was to add Shift+W as a macro onto a mousebutton…
Have you made a macro that let u:
a) click a mousebutton/keyboard button to start auto run, then
b) click again to stop autorun??? or somehting else???

I run when I press it then when I press it again I stop.
This is for my razor mouse so I don’t know if it will be the same for whatever you are using but for autorun:
Shift DOWN
0.050 seconds delay
20.000 seconds delay
Shift UP

Then I bind it to the mouse button and for playback option “Toggle continuous playback on/off using assigned key”.

cool … gotta try this … :smiley:

I use Windows Sticky Keys for running with Shift toggled :smiley:

I can’t seem to add MouseButton.1 onto a macro for auto harvest …
how did u do this? I know in lua I can use btn1, btn2 and so on, but it didn’t work here… it works in WoW macros … but I think that’s a bit different…

Aha, smart!

Razer synapse just has a ‘left button down’ option. My macro is just:
Left Button DOWN
0.141 seconds delay (there isn’t any significances to this number, just how long I left it down while recording)
Left Button UP

And I bound it with the same option as my run macro.