Any CoD ports?

I see there are only BF3 Ports but just a few BO2 ports. Can anyone port some stuff for me?

Dig around, I’ve seen plenty of COD threads in the last few years.

Yeah but most of them are from MW2 not BO2 ports

There are a few Black Ops 2 stuff ported

Here is where all of the BOII gear has been ported so far mate.

Yell out if you have problems with the links

what exactly are the stuff that you want, maybe i can halp

Thanks but there are only models from characters

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If you could do that I would really appreciate it, I want only gun models in 3ds /obj/smd etc… :slight_smile:

Ah. In that case, here is the A.G.R and Dragonfire Drones:

Weapons on the other hand. Some people have ported over their own models of some, but haven’t released them to the public. The only pack that has anything close to BOII weapons is Kali’s CS:GO Gun pack which has the KSG Shotgun and the DSR-50 Sniper Rifle in it.

Im just searching for some gun models, because i asked to xplorer to make some guns, but i just needed to find some BO2 gun models

Well apart from the two guns I’ve mentioned, nothing else has come from BOII in terms of Weapons. Only thing I can suggest is just wait.

Its still the same game, I mean you people always buy these reskins anyways… :pwn:

**Edit - **Anyways if you like some ragdolls heres some Blackops stuff