Any Comcast users able to play without rubberbanding?

Given the issues I’ve had with rubberbanding (aka ghosting, server rendering error), I’m curious if anyone is playing on Comcast that hasn’t had these issues.

Being specific: it’s playing the game and realizing your screen is not actually where the server sees your character. Thus getting kills when someone can’t even see you, or worse, being killed and not even seeing where it came from because your char isn’t really where you see him.

This also causes me to chop trees and get nothing, chop animals and they don’t run, etc.

Trying to figure out if there is something I can change on my end or if it’s just the game (which I imagine will be fixed soon if it is).

I honestly think it’s comcast bud.

I’ve got their Blast package for 50m down / 10m up and I’m still getting it. The only way I’ve been able to play is by hosting my own server with the leaked server package client out there and play that way.

It’s enjoyable for me at least now… but not without other people =/

I’m considering contacting comcast regarding it and seeing if they have a p2p throttle along the range of that client. They may be assuming its a sharing client such as bit torrent or utorrent.

Only thing we can do is wait for a fix regarding this from the devs and possibly contact comcast in the meantime to have them look into the issue and potentially issue a lift on the client so that we dont rubber band like we are.

I’ve noticed it’s mostly comcast users with this issue, and therein is where I believe it’s a comcast throttle on the connection through the client.

Generic name (rust.exe) so they may think it’s some sort of LimeWire type agent we’re using.

huNt3r87, if you would, if you’re able to get ahold of them can you send me a private message and let me know what you ask them to do for you? I am not all that savvy when it comes to networking. I love the premise of this game and would love to be able to play it on an even playing field. If I’m picturing this problem correctly, it doesn’t seem that it would be an easy thing for the devs to fix. =\

Comcast user here, no rubberbanding issues on my end.

Yeah I can try to monologue the conversation for you to an extent. You don’t necessarily have to be tech savvy to understand what causes these issues. I had the same problem with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for quite some time until I called Comcast and chewed them about it. They recognized the game as a “peer 2 peer” connection and throttled your connectivity to it.

I think the same thing is happening with Rust, as the rust executable file has a generic name. So seeing that you’re connected using that client, and it’s using bandwidth at the rate it does… they could see this as a peer2peer client program without actually doing their own research behind it.

I’ll give them a call shortly and see if I can’t figure anything out and maybe get a fix for this. If all else fails, it would ultimately be the server-side software along with client side translation dropping out packets and limiting the connectivity for certain users to servers without this issue.

I’ll look more into it. Hopefully Helk can provide us with some sort of update as to where they’re at it debugging the code and determining what is ultimately causing this issue for us.