Any command to kill ply on server?

Hi, I have made a soda SENT that takes 5 health from you each time you drik one, but when you have 0 halth, you dont die, the function is running in init.lua, so how can I kill the player if he/she has less then 1 HP?

[lua]hook.Add(“Think”,“fu”, function() if LocalPlayer():Health() <= 0 then LocalPlayer():Kill() end end)[/lua]

Or you could just add that if statement to the code that takes the health away. But an even better way would be to use **[Entity.TakeDamage](**.

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You can’t kill LocalPlayer anyway without using RunConsoleCommand.

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Dumb yes you can it’s called ply:Kill and its server side and shut up GayMaker.

Yes, but LocalPlayer is clientside.

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So, any code that is workin?

You basically need to replace your code that does the damage with the TakeDamage function.

I’m guessing that your code looks somewhat like this:
[lua]function ENT:Use(activator, caller)
if activator and activator:IsPlayer() then
activator:SetHealth(activator:Health() - 5)

You need to do something like this instead:
[lua]function ENT:Use(activator, caller)
if activator and activator:IsPlayer() then
activator:TakeDamage(5, self)

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