Any cool Middle Earth content out there?

Sorry if this thread isnt allowed.

Been getting excited about the soon to be release ‘The Hobbit’.
Obviously lots of talented mappers around here and I was wondering if anyone has done any mapping for source based on scenes from Middle Earth.
Even if its just project ideas you have had, id love to hear them. I once created part of Bree a long time ago, wish I hadnt lost it!

Obviously there are my mate Hannibals ZE maps, and a few other poor Helms Deep remakes but I am looking for more detailed work (sorry han).

I would love to walk around Bag End in Source!!


Just so this thread isnt totally useless, here are Hannibals maps if you havnt already played them, made for ZE on CSS.
Usually I dont like this style of mapping (love detailed stuff) but these maps are wonderfully made.

Hannibal was a way of hiding the hideously overscaled textures and using default props in a way that seems appropriate and not obtrusive.
Or maybe thats just my blind, endless love for all things Middle Earth!

Moria -
Helms Deep -
Mount Doom -
Minas Tirith -

-dumb didn’t read post >.<

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