Any cool phys gun colors

so you know how in multiplayer you press C and go into the player model and you can mess with the phys gun color, does anyone out there know of any cool colors you can create with diffrent combinations of numbers. the best i can contribute is an invisible black phys gun for admins and mods when the’re cloaked and it also has an invisible beam

It just uses rgb colours, dude

thats not what im saying im talking about phys guns that have 2 different colors and a different beam the crazy looking phys guns not the shit regular ones

well there’s really nothing more than that, it’s just an additive color on the beam. if it’s black, there’s nothing to add
i know the more saturated the color is the more it’s going to be toward that hue when flickering a prop’s halo.
the less saturated, the more “random” itll look. (ie grays and dark/light colors, as compared to bright/bold ones)

Like this?