Any creative server out here?

Anyone know a PvE server which have the starter kit mod which gives you building parts?

Thanks and sorry,I figure out posting in Server section won’t help because they are mostly advertisers

net.connect great server dude … really evolved gaming number one on toprustservers

There are hundreds of them. But hard to find. Also, there are several that have mods that take away from the game. So depending on your preferences, make sure you read the server description.

NAS, Creative, Learners, are a few. Check them out

Type net.connect

unlimited building supplies, weapons, ammo,

We just launched and plan on hosting a comprehensive creative server. Bookmark our page and when it goes up you’ll be in the loop. We’re looking to hose base building contests and fun stuff like that as well in the future.

we trying to build arena @ 24 players if you wanna try it out. turned mods off and was thinking about doing a walmart if we get a community.


hey my friend has an amazing server, just add me on steam and ill send you the ip :smiley: