Any ETA on better account management?

Yesterday I cleared my cache, then wanted to ~test~ rust, and couldn’t remember my login details. Had to guess my password at least five times before it logged me in. I noticed there’s a lack of “Forgot your password” type links on the page, that there’s no “error: wrong e-mail/password” notification, and the page only does anything when you input the right login details. Also, no password changing system.

The game is in alpha and there’s probably more stuff you guys are working on, but account management is pretty basic and essential in any system that uses logins. So, is that getting fixed anytime soon?

We seriously need this, just a simple email sent if you forget your password would work for now.

I think a confirm password would be simple yet effective

Definitely a must in this kind of situation. Maybe should have been properly sorted before keys were given out.