Any extra security?


I have CAC on my server but some people are still slipping in with Hacks. Is there anything else I can add to the server besides CAC to stop hackers?

Please help me.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Permanently shut down your server.

If you’re talking about Aimbots/wallhacks, etc the only thing you can do is have active admins. If you’re talking about money exploits, etc then start securing your net messages with validation.

I was thinking of like AC I could add in. Im not super good with coding.

Automatic anticheats can only do so much, there are cases when they’re powerless and it’s perfectly normal. And then, as Adzter has pointed out, there may be bugs in addons that allow exploiting certain features because addon devs decided (or just forgot about it) to trust the client without validating data.

sv_allowcslua 0

I don’t think there’s a level to dumbness for need to point that…

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Well, if that convar doesn’t work, there’s not exactly a whole lot you can do that you haven’t already done, short of possibly giving more people access to your preferred admin mod’s ban command. The VAC status in GMod has always been nebulous to me, but I think it’s active and working. If someone contradicts me, believe them instead.

CAC isn’t exactly going to be a sufficient defense mechanism against every cheater that comes onto your server, but it eliminates most of the skidiots

sv_allowcslua can be circumvented, the best you can do is have it set to 0.

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On topic: CAC is shitty. Remove it. Devs no longer care about their buyers, paid 5$ hacks are bypassing CAC without any effort.

“!cake Anti-Cheat is a state of the art anticheat for Garry’s Mod that will stop the majority of public lua-based hacks.”

Where does it say that it stops paid cheats? Also, do not remove cake, it’s the best anticheat that you can buy, at the moment.

VAC is basic a white-list in GMod, and only seems to detect ‘Baconbot’. Otherwise, it would ban people with custom modules (like the HTML replacement).
It also can’t see the difference from lua cheats and lua gamemode-files. However Garry made (some?) lua cheats (like Sethhack) trigger a VAC ban.

The best protection you can get, is a private anticheat. CAC is the best public anticheat you can get ATM, but its not bulletproof. Not even VAC is 100% hacker-free.

LMAOBox shows that VAC is not 100% secure :stuck_out_tongue:

your quote is very wrong, Valve just loves flagging people and forgetting

And on topic: There are some [sp]Only 1 im aware of[/sp] anticheats better than cac, but they are private. Stick with cac.

I dont wanna sound like a dick here, but you shouldn’t listen to literally everything reddit says. Noone gave VALVe the source code – they actually bought it and somehow fully reverse-engineered it, and the source code also hasn’t been leaked on UC (Someone hijacked LMAOBox’s account, and shared a virus, wich got him banned). It had been undetected for 2-3 years, and its undetected again since the last banwave as far as I know, the only bans are longer flags. Plus there’re a few private TF2 cheats I’ve seen wich had been ran since 5 years, and they never got banned yet (I actually know a few of those guys so long…), its the same as with private anti cheats, as long as its private, its harder to bypass them, same goes for cheats, private = harder to detect them.

I’m not posting the reddit cause of what they said lol. It was just the first result when I googled it. Not sure how you missed the whole headlines of the banwave

You’re also talking out of your ass not knowing how anything works

Yeah, it’s the best public anticheat, but it’s still not 100% bullet-proof, so why waste your money on this when there’s public anticheats that detect almost everything CAC does? Also, this description is VERY old and has not been updated since… let me remember… since CAC has been released?

You just mad that you got detected?

Cake’d change it if it was false, and sure he can use another anticheat, but OP already has bought !cake AC so why change?