Any fix for EAC error 10011 so far?

So… I know this is not the first post about it, and please spare me from “U gOt BanNeD bRo”, or “yOU cHeAteD” because that’s clearly not the case.

Is it possible to fix this 10011 error by any chance? I’ve tried everything… Reinstalling the game, reinstalling EAC, repairing, running as administrator… I just don’t know of any more options

I heard that moving from disc C to D helps but it didn’t work for me. Actually reinstalling worked for me but only for 2 days, now the error is back.

apparently rust is working on a fix so just gotta wait

Try launching with out discord open. Thats what fixed it for me.

Tried almost all methods, but nothing works.
keep in mind I am a new player I bought it yesterday and refunded it 20 mins later.
Today I rebuy it to give it another chance but still the game just don’t wanna start

Try to open a ticket on the Facepunch support.