Any Fix For "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" Error When Compilling Playermodels

When compilling my playermodel using crowbar, this happens

At the last few lines, one of them says ERROR: ‘EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION’ (assert: 1)

That error usually means the model has too many vertices. Try using the SFM compiler.

If it still doesn’t work you’ll have to either remove like 70% of those SMDs, or split them up into multiple models. I suggest splitting per body, for example plutia_body01_* is one model, plutia_body2_* is another, etc.

-snip I misinterpreted what you wrote-

Like I said, you’ll most likely end up having to split this up into multiple models.

It could be either having too many vertices (Doesn’t Studiomdl automatically split SMDs with too many vertices?) or having too many bodygroups.
As far as I know, that error can also show up from having too many bodygroup combinations in a model.

In that case you’d either have to simplify the amount of bodygroups on the model or use a different compiler like SFM’s, but whilst it’ll most likely compile fine, it might crash the game when setting bodygroups to too high a combination.

Just speculating though v:vs:v

Only the SFM one does. The others just crash with the above error.

It’s because the Garry’s Mod compiler (and several others) don’t like having dozens of bodygroups for some reason. It used to work fine before, but one of the updates that happened in the past year broke it.

Try using the compiler from Fistful of Frags instead, it’s what I’ve been using and I haven’t had any problems since.

I found this thread by mistake and RTB’s comment about using the Fistful of Frags compiler fixed all the issues I had been having with this error. Very helpful!