Any fixed version of ZombieSurvival 2.01 out there?

Hi everyone. I’ve been hosting ZombieSurvival 2.01 on my server for a bit, and I noticed that it is still quite buggy. For example, at the end of a game, it attempts to call the function OpenVoteMenu(), but fails because it cannot find it, and eventually switches to a TF2 map if I do not intervene and set the next level. Also, it has a missing sound for some reason.

So if someone has been able to fix this, if they would either be nice enough to send the fixed files to me, or tell me how to fix it, that would be great.


no one would try because the game type is crappy

Well I’ve actually been trying :slight_smile: And in my opinion, the game isn’t half bad. People still join, especially considering that I run a listen server.

Isn’t this in the wrong thread, should be in newbie questions.

Meh, that’s more for LUA in specific. I was just asking if anyone fixed up ZS.

EDIT: And sorry, I didn’t really need anyone to answer the lua question I put in here, but if I did need it answered then I would have put it in newbie questions.

H’okay, here’s how to fix it yourself.

The OpenVoteMenu() Error
Whenever you get this error, it’ll give you a filename at the beginning of the error, as well as a line number (or it should at any rate; been too long since I’ve played; may be a timer error :v:). Open that file with Notepad, use ctrl-g to jump to the line number. Find the line that’s calling OpenVoteMenu(), and put two dashes ("-" key) in front of the line. Save. Bam, that’s fixed.

Switching to TF2 maps
This is because you haven’t set a map cycle file. Go to your main garrysmod folder (where the models, materials, addons, gamemodes, etc. folders are) and create an empty text file. Put the name of all the maps you want to play on ZS in there, one map per line. Save the file as “mapcycle.txt”

When you next fire up your server, type into the console “mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt” If you have a dedicated server, add that line to your dedicated server’s autorun.cfg, or whatever config your server runs to set up the gamemode every mapload.

The mapcycle.txt should look something like this:


The Missing Sound Error
That’s probably a fault of JetBoom’s, not including it with the download. Not much to do other than remove every instance where it’s being called, or creating a sound file of a half-second of silence and naming it as the missing sound file. :v:

Thanks for the big reply :slight_smile:

It actually seems like whoever was developing ZS at the time either completely forgot to put in the voting system, got lazy and decided to use the NextLevel variable, or ran out of time and used the NextLevel variable. Either way, I’m making a derma map vote system. (Which is difficult for this newbie.)

Nah, it’s just that JetBoom designs his gamemodes to be used specifically with his NoxNet server set-up.

When he releases, he just disentangles the gamemode as much as he can and throws it up for download. Occasionally he misses things, like the map vote, which is integrated into his NoxNet server set-up.

At any rate, good luck with that. :buddy:

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope he doesn’t mind me modifying his gamemode… maybe I’ll call it OpenZombieSurvival. …nah, sounds too generic.