Any form of Whitlist or Password?

Hey guys!

I was wondering if there is any way to whitelist a server or prevent the average joe from joining. I had one of the top dayz mod servers for a long time and a Whitelist cut down on the hackers by 99%.

I’m looking to do this because I’m interested in doing a Clan war with some people. Last thing we needs is random people interfering or a hacker.

I am currently using a multiplay server if that makes any difference.



I know that rust essentials has a whitelist feature. Its possible that Oxide has one as well. If not i am sure someone will create a plugin for it very soon. As long as you have ftp access fully then you can install a mod on any host. It may just require some more work.

yep oxide has a whitelist plugin

Rust Essentials has that and more.

Thanks for the fast replies guys really appropriate the help.

Just thought I would mention multiplay servers have an option built into the clanforge client.