Any Garry's Mod home hosted server software

Is there any software that provides a Garry’s Mod server with buttons like Start, Stop, Restart, etc?
In Minecraft it’s called a Minecraft server wrapper, example here. Can anyone comment a program wrapper/editor/program in the comments or send me the link to another forum on this?

LINUX (french)


MULTI (german)

some of them doesn’t work with gmod out of the box, but that should be just a bit of config or some changes. All of them work with source servers.

Thank you for these but is there any Windows Software instead of web servers?

Just run srcds without the -console parameter and you end up with this?:

Ok, I have been it before but I haven’t actually seen it in action.

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One more thing, what is 64a in the RCON do?


Unfortunately my ability to sense jokes isn’t great. But to anybody about to try this, it won’t work XD. That’s his private IP, probably with some form of NAT to his public one.

He just chose 64a in the rcon password instead of something that makes sense.

thats exactly why it makes sense tho

Ok, thank you.

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One more thing, you see his RCON and Internal IP Address, if you were using hamachi on the same network as his, this would work but he is not displaying his Static IP Address to connect with.

Enjoy this special montage that took no more effort to make then your post did.

It’s not my picture. I run all my servers on a dedicated linux machine and I can guarantee you that I know how to set things up properly lol.

You could always try this?