Any Gasmasks?

Hi, i’m looking for some gasmasks for S.T.A.L.K.E.R posing and such. I’ve looked everywhere I could on Facepunch, and searched for everything that have something to do with a gasmask on Without any luck tough.
I do already got the Gasmask from the MW2 Operators and Stenes GP-5 gasmask. But i’m looking for some more gasmasks, because Stenes gasmask doesn’t really fit to other ragdolls, the mask is as big as a melon.
But I would really appreciate for everything usefull and of course for help. Thanks you. :smile:

Ill make you a deal- give me links to the the gas masks you have and ill find you some.

I know it’s a ragdoll pack, but there’s a seperate gasmask prop included.

@SexualShark: Here’s a gasmask from the MW2 and Frontlines Gear pack:

And the GP-5 Gasmask by Stene:

@dvaderv2: Thanks alot, very useful, I appreciate your help. :smile:

Speaking of gasmasks, which one of you is whose mommy?

Effin’ Dr. Who references.