any gmod riggers out there who likes money?

i can pay for a rigging job. its a 3d model made by a professional artist.
it needs faceposing, its a big job.

but its for money.
if anyone is interested contact me and we shall talk.

I am an official gmod rigger, certified by Garry Newman herself but unfortunately I hate money so you can forget about it.

Why don’t you grab a student licence (If you’re student of course) of 3DSMax 2011 and learn how to rig and facepose by yourself and save the money? Its not that hard.

thank you for taking interest and writing, but there are a few reasons why i have not done that.

firstly i have no confidence in my abilities. i dont trust myself to be able to do it.
i am too young.
also i like to support people.

I though the same thing, I though trying it out wont kill me. I looked at some tutorials on the internet.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, because only the actions matter.
Some adults cant do things that 12 years old can do. If you are too young to get student licence, you can always pirate it (Sorry, not giving you a hint where to download it since I don’t want to be banned again) or try Blender(Its free).

lol nobody pirates 3dsmax just make up a bunch of bullshit in the student sign up

but if i am going to try this i need one more question answered:
how do i add bodygroups (you know, so you can change the model in game with the body group changer tool)?