Any good/free ZBrush non-realistic character modeling tutorials?

Hi, I’ve recently gotten ZBrush and I can’t seem to find any **free **non-realistic character modeling tutorials.

I don’t mean creatures and that sort, I mean stylized people. I’ve tried ZSpheres, but the arms melt into the torso/melt with the hand/fingers when I click Unified/Adaptive skin, unless I set smoothing to 0, but then everything turns all voxely/blocky.

This is the closest I’ve gotten to any actually good character work by myself.

[SUP](I can’t seem to place the ears away from the head though)[/SUP]

[SUP][SUB]Is this the right place to put this thread?[/SUB][/SUP]

I haven’t heard of zbrush. It’s obviously some junk that nobody uses. Get 3DS Max.

Educate yourself.

@OP: Most people around here use 3DS Max or Blender for the most part, so I don’t know if anyone will have any tutorials for you. You might be better off doing some Google searching for the tutorials (if there are any) or just using images as references for the time being.

Zbrush is the industry standard for sculpting, there are tons of tutorials on youtube.

There’s no tutorials because ZBrush generally isn’t used for modeling cartoon characters. The whole point of Zbrush is that it can work with millions of polygons simultaneously, you don’t need that with non-realistic characters. You should be able to find something for Blender or Maya or XSI or whatever

The only purpose of using ZBrush (or any other sculpting app) in this case is adding more details like wrinkles, etc on a models, previously made in 3ds max or maya, so you don’t need it on this stage.