Any good game recorder other than Fraps and Source Recorder?

Im gonna make a machinima but i want to have a good recorder. Is there any recorder someone can recommend???


does it record in HQ. cause i know youtube will screw up the quality one way or another

WeGame works as well.

Xfire is low-quality, from what I gather.

is source recorder really that hard to use?

Is Fraps really that hard to use?




if you have low framerates then Source recorder IS really the way to go.

fraps is easier but requires a better pc

I use fraps…

I bought it in 2005, Just fricking buy it, It takes away the URL

WeGame. if you can get it to record sound…

enable stereo mix in sound control panel. right click in the box and check show disabled devices.

That doesn’t work on newer sound cards (DMCA stuff forced them to remove it).

You don’t need so good PC for recording with Fraps. I mean, your framerate goes only down when you record. When you watch the final video what you recorded, it has good FPS usually.

Camtasia is the best.

how can this be? Fraps is real-time recording and SR is the opposite of that. if you record at 30-40 fps you will get 30-40 fps. And yes I’ve used fraps. how can you record the footage at 40fps then get 60fps ?(minimum for smooth video)

Just trust me, use Camtasia.

Dunno, but my FPS is 20 or lower when recording and final video is 30-40fps.

if you really care about smooth videos then as you all know Source recorder is the way to go.

To record without framerate drawbacks get Camtasia.