Any good gamemodes?

I want to see your favorite. (I might download it)

Everything just dont go on darkrp

A good gamemode would be somethings like:

-Stop it! Slender (I liked a lots this gamemode)
-Garry’s Mod Stranded
-Fretta (or somes standalone fretta minigames)

And somes uniques gamemodes like trollmad3 said.

All in all, sandbox beats everything else. Spacebuild too.

Fretta and gmod racer are both fun too.

Heres what I dislike about gmod right now. Its so saturated by darkRP and TTT but has the highest player count, but then you find servers that may have something completely different and innovative yet you’re lucky to see a steady playerbase for said server.

Anyway gamode wise I would suggest Sassalization if you’re a strategic kind of person, and Underdone if you’re looking to invest time into.

hmmm my fav gamemodes? :joy:

go fish (2)
tf2 gamemode
gmod stranded

-prop hunt
-trouble in terrorist town
-garrys mod stranded
-and a bunch of other stuff on the workshop

Did you really just made a facepunch account to ask people what your favorite gamemodes are?

really :speechless:

Zombie Survival (2.0 is best version)
Minigames (This community has a good minigames gamemode)
GunGame (fun but never any active servers)


StarWarsRP has been pretty popular recently and its quite fun to play if your good at roleplaying in general.

Hide and Seek is definitely a fun game mode, given it is played on the right maps with the right amount of players.
Minigames is great too (but as far as I know there is no public release of that).

after the end:

[sp]shameless self-plug :V[/sp]

When i first played gmod. I went a sandbox server to see what all the fuss is about (note i dident go on singleplayer) then i fell in love with it.

Aliens vs Humans Spacebuild?

Needs at least about 8 players to be fun though.

Mannnn?? how come everyone hates darkRP so much? how about cityRP… idk i dont get it everyone hates darkRP?

Because they usually all are the same and most people don’t roleplay correctly.

Jump jet and game master were interesting, they probably don’t work anymore though.

Zombie Survival and TTT are both fun if you can find the right servers. Prophunt too.