Any good GMod servers?

Im looking for a nice, well run and hosted GMod server. :slight_smile: Thanks

It is currently still in beta, but you are welcome to come test it out.

And here is the somewhat completed website:

What gamemodes are you looking for?

Self-Advertisement, but…

We have two servers, A deathrun and an RP.
Finished forum:
Server IPs

Currently, we have two events going on!

Printer Mania! [Active 8/2 - 8/6]
We’ve got printer mania, each printer limit has been doubled, meaning instead of having the limit of 4 regular, 4 golden and 2 diamond you can now have 8 regular printers, 8 golden and, 4 diamond.

VIP Contest Coming Soon 8/5 - 8/7
Anyone who connects to either the Role Play server or the Death Run server will be entered for a chance to win Global VIP, which carries over into new servers. Which includes the VIP jobs, extra printer and, 20million RPcash. And the ability to test the new servers before public release!

Also, I forgot to mention the admin team. They all suck. I am a super admin. That proves my point. haha

Welp, if this thread’s gonna turn into self-advertisement, always nice to pop in a word about my community. Check out - we have a bunch of custom gamemodes we code ourselves. Really big update and rehaul coming soon too, lots of new fancy stuff.

Well, I have my own server starting up at the moment. The server is RolePlay. We have the most unique classes you will find. Also, being a new server can give you the chance to be the first veteran and the best in the game!

A lot of the good GarrysMod servers have gone now. However there is some good servers amongst the thousands of GarrysMod servers owned by 10 year old children.

Gmod theater is really good.

Heres the ip:

Mine (Well, not mine but Digital Spit’s) isn’t…

Says every server owner ever.

Any servers from this community are great ,

Nice advertising thread we got here.