Any good HD citizen skins?

Anyone can find or make good citizen skins for Half life 2 roleplay? Because I am an avid roleplayer,but the low detail textures are driving me nuts. If you can, add bumpmapping.

  • Thanks, Onecoolgeezer

What do you mean by “good hd citizen skins” if you really want to HD up everything I suggest you should download Fakefactory Cinematic Mod 1. It just includes HD textures for all default models.

Yeah, and you can find them on Gamesfront.
Please try to search harder next time.

Sorry. I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if i make any stupid questions or comments.

You should lurk, Just read stuff till you grasp what kind of stuff is expected and what is not.

Most questions like this can be answered using Google, due to the fact they’ve already been asked. If it seems like a frequently asked question, just Google it and skim the first page.