any good host in europe with DDOS migitation?

Hello, anyone knows if there is a good host in europe thats ddos protected or has DDOS migitation? like xenon has, only problem with them is that their in USA… :slight_smile: please link me a good host and comment on it! thanks!

There is no such thing as ddos mitigation for the masses. Its a corporate only thing.

well that sucks :C I just want a decent host that can kinda protect me or atleast change my ip or something without canceling my account like does.

Drewbie i have recently had this very same problem, look for the thread, the solution we found was to hire our own VPS and manage the attacks ourselves by blocking them in a firewall.


I went with fanatical VPS.

I don’t think fanatical likes any large DDoS attacks though because you’re still on a shared enironment. Next to that iptables string matching (needed to block devnull) doesn’t work on fanaticalvps because they don’t load the kernel modules you need for it (although they may fix that if you open a support ticker or something).

some link suggestions would be cool :slight_smile: if anyone knows anything because my DDOS attacks has been from small once to large ddos attacks.
I just need a way to shield my server fromt it :s without paying over too much.

Won’t be a solution to high pps/high bandwidth attacks. Although may be a solution to lower (<100mbit) attacks that aren’t constant.

If you know how big the attacks are you can base a solution on that because some methods of dealing with them just won’t cope in large attacks. If the attack is incredibly big e.g < 1GB there I don’t think there is much you can do without throwing a lot of money at corporate rated DDoS protection.

The only EU provider that would be able to take >1gbit/s attacks is OVH, where you can get shared 10gbit lines for a relatively cheap price. Remember that their 10gbit/s is actually just around 5gbit/s to the outside world. However I don’t know what OVH’s policies are on bandwidth usage by DDoS attacks so make sure to investigate properly first.

I had a DoS attack against me once from a single OVH server :). Was hitting 4.5 to 5.2Gbs, was annoying impressive. Easy to block but impressive.

Linux wins, DevNull loses.

Speaking of, someone should share an example ACL for Linux to filter devnull…

I’m throwing a test server up atm and it would help :slight_smile:

iptables -A INPUT -m string --algo string --string statusResponse -j DROP

Inbound is free.

No not really, when you go over your limit you’ll be screwed with every DoS attack.

Incoming isn’t charged or counted; outgoing is. If you go over your outgoing limit yes you would be screwed.

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Ah alright then.