Any good idea for upload all those bunch of models?

Hello! im the guy who is (or atleast was) extracting all models from fb2/3 models…
Now that daniuxx created a new script for importing character models with its rig and skeleton, i extracted 85% mohwf character models with its head, all fixed and re-composed…

Here´s the problem that i have, their size is HUGE and most of the models are re-used and repeated, and its a dumb idea copy paste all the textures over, over and over…

Some ideas that crossed in my mind are:
1- upload all the models in packs (lowerbodys, upperbodys, headgears, all together or separated in the same/diff packs) without the composed textures
2- upload each faction in diffs packs
3- same idea as the first, but with composed textures in a diff pack for each faction
4- do what i was doing ATM

I need to re-upload all character models so… thats why im so desperated for doing this shit