Any good/loyal roleplayers out there?

Hiya, some of you may know me, other newcommers might not. I’m abit of an activist here, known to be provoking and stick it to roleplaying elitists, it’s fun, by all means. But thing is that I run a roleplaying community aswell, and our server is currently under development, it will be for a few weeks, we got our own coders and mapper and such, it’s tough work, you know… But, we’re aiming to make a decent roleplaying community, we’ve done before, untill Garry broke our things in an update. Me being busy dealing with the departure of my dad at the time, made it abit difficult to work on the server, or, dedicate myself to anything at that. But I’m looking to make a comeback. So, well, now, day after day, I find myself working pretty intesly on the server, and it’ll be done eventually. But what’s a good server without players, right? So, that’s why I could use a few regulars once it opens. Lemme fill you in on why it’s a good idea to join:

A) We have NO minges, like, none. Our server has a password, and application only rules apply.

B) We got customized stuff, originality… We got our very own storyline, map, and once done: Gamemode.

C) We side with the little guy. You know all those servers where if you do anything to annoy an admin, you’re out? Well, not here, I make sure that the administrators use their priviliges to help, and help only. I remember once when a friend of mine abused and got him and two others godmode, even though it was almost insignificant, I made sure to suspend him right away for a week. I can assure you that we deal with abuse.

D) Decent gameplay. Yeah, we got some decent gameplay. This isn’t another dreary old RLRP-server. Let’s face it, those gets boring. This one is post apocalyptic, and alot more fun, be so sure. We got everything from anomalies and respawning creatures, mutants and NPCs to all out faction warfare and military attacks. Oh! And unlike most servers, we actually node our maps ourselves, and npcs can pretty much go everywhere, and even chase you inside buildings, upstairs, etc. Oh, and, unlike most servers, you need to climb up your faction rank, starting off as common townscum, reaching yourself to becomme a mercenary warlord or the leader of the local bandits.

E) Anti-protagonism. Yeah, players get the sense that they’re average, just a simple survivor, struggling to make it. None of that “We’re superiour”-crap. Anomalies, mutants and artillery shellings will always keep you struggling to make it, not to mention that some enemies are made to give the need to escape them, such as snarkswarms and leeches. They’re simple to fight when you’re facing one, but ten? Well, that’s not pretty.

F) A “horror” element. It’s not classical horror with the sounds and the creaking doors and the small girls in nightgowns with fangs… No, wait, I’m thinking of Maris from Frasier. But anyways, it has some “horror” since it’s always a risk to leave your settlement, random things occurs, and with all the factions, who knows what the enemy is planning? But the most scary fact is: Unlike most games, you’re hardly superiour, some cunning is required to survive.

G) Better, faster, slimmer. If you’ve been to our servers before, then you know we had the “quantity before quality”-rule. We let a few bugs and bulk be the price for some extra features. But, no, not this time, we’ve greatly slimmed down the content pack, and the content on the server is highly optimized.

What do we want from you?

A) Loyalty, we’ve had people joining in the past and never even as much as trying the server, feels abit pointless. Just look for our announcements, since if people join in during those, we’ll get a nice group of roleplayers.

B) Patience, it’s a work in progress. Check the announcements regularly, progress is posted there.

C) Roleplaying, this rule speaks for itself. You better be good at it too, we’re sick of jerks who always has to come out a winner. Turns out that if a robberer points a rifle in your face and asks for money, it’s best to hand the money, and not bitch for the admin to come just because you instead threw a snarky comment and got a bullet in your brain.

E) No prejudism, we use maps and things that’s known to be “bad”, but, I blame it on lack of imagination, we know what we’re doing, and aslong as you atleast try first, I’m sure you’ll like what we have to offer.

If that seems like a simple requirement to fullfill, might wanna PM me. But please, bear in mind, it's under construction, but from what I've tested myself, it's gonna be pretty nice. All the fancy information can be found there. Such as storyline, details, etc.

Anything we’re looking for?

Well, someone to make a nice derma skin, we don’t like our current one.

Some of the more fun features:

  • A FoM-styled leveling system, depending on social status and player dispositions, rather than how many of x you’ve killed.

  • Crafting, not to overrate this, it’s sort of simple made, or, well, very simple, but it has it’s charm not to buy everything out of thin air.

  • Shooting and such, but yet, no RDM…? Well, we know that talking gets boring after a while, so now you can go out and make some decent loot killing mutants if you feel it’s getting too boring to roleplay in a safe enviroment.

  • Character advancement! Unlike most server where they go “Okay, pick what theme you’d like:”, then they got “Average bloke.”, “Badguy”, “Goodguy”. But not here! There are giant trees of classes/ranks, all with their own priviliges.

  • Custom map. Yeah, a map fitted for our needs, comes with faction specific areas, aswell as some unassigned areas, in case you find you may get the reasources to make your own faction.

  • Science! This is hardly like real science, but you can do some pretty nice stuff if you becomme an illeagal prototypical weapon researcher or an illegal ecologist.

That should be about it on info I wanna give out, not in the mood for argues, if you wanna know more, PM me, if you’re not interested, then have a nice day.

Oh, and here’s a count on how many people we have as regulars:

Daily roleplayers (To show they’re regulars, I’ll also show that we know eachother on first name basis, it’s not like you can figure who’s who unless they tell you anyways):
Vince (Me, derp)
Yogi (We’re not sure if that’s his real name, he’s abit mysterious.)
Nic (He dosn’t roleplay much, but he does our php coding and such, and brilliant at what he does.)

So, well, see what we’re trying to do? We’re looking for people to show up regularly, be one of the gang, we’re all pretty good friends and such, and we’re all good roleplayers, would be nice if you joined us. Once we got about 15 regulars, I might make the server public, with the proper anti-minge filter. Most likley one of those roleplaying quizes.

Wow, never thought roleplaying would see the light of day. PMing.

Where is it hosted from? US servers are too far away for me unfortunately.

It’s in the land of muffins and inbred leaders: England.

Thats good, very good. I play UK hosted servers!

Some personal annoyances here.

  1. Stat system, specifically, level based. It NEVER works out for RP, specifically serious RP. It gets on the way, gives the wrong idea to people, and it’s generally undesirable.

  2. Crafting is quite similar to stats, and it can be worse if both are linked. Unless there’s a very tight grip on who gets what items, it’s gonna be hell if you add the ability to craft guns. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen even with craft-able one shot pistols.

  3. Shooting NPCs. If people shouldn’t be shooting eachother, don’t give them guns on the first place or it’s just asking them to shoot anybody. Guns are the primary cause of drama in any server, shit like “You should be shooting to miss”, and “Can I get my guns back? I wasn’t supposed to die” are commonplace, and personally, are a pain to bear with.

A personal idea I had was to simply add a visible and easily discernible way of telling players that they shouldn’t be shooting in public areas, and thus they take their fights to secluded areas where other people don’t become involved as easily.

  1. Your roleplay doesn’t seem serious at all, or have a particularily interesting premise to really attract serious “RPers”. I suggest that you either really work on the story or something, or provide a real reason as to why is this any different than other Nexus based, self called, serious “RP” servers.

I didnt see that he asked for “serious” roleplayers. Did I miss something?


Exactly, servers who do, normally isn’t really living up to that. “RageBuckets Serious RP [Wire][Phx][Lol]”

…See my point? Adding in “serious” is pointless, it’s lost it’s meaning.


Accourding to Elowin, I’m not allowed to have an opinion, but I think I’ll go with explaining anyways.


Oh, and about the story, currently a professional author is writing it up, so that’s why it’s delayed, I’ll post the pages here later.

Actually it’s more like a land of crumpets and tea XD And big toothed farmers and we all gots our tractors to drive down to the local pig-flea market. This sounds epic, to the pms!

I’ve heard about you before, Vinze.
I don’t fully agree with everything you post on here, but I do agree with most of it.

This actually seems like a really good idea. I’m getting tired of all shitty ass DarkRP servers that’s filling up the rp community. I’d love to be a part of this!
I’m a serious roleplayer that have been roleplaying for several years now, and not just in gmod.


Dear Jocken, it was nice to see you wrote to me, I really like to have a new letterbuddy.
I read in your last letter about how your uncle lost his bowling trophy, that’s sad. But you
should tell him not to bowl over it (Ha-ha).

I like it when people write posts in form of letters, it makes sense, and certainly gets you in
on the server faster.


PS: Why not send the damn application? :v:


In all seriousness, it will be nice to talk to you about it.

Dear Everyone,

I was recently on Vinze’s server and it was fun. There isnt much to it but I can tell you that there definitely was no mingebags. I think this server has great potential to be the best.


PS: Vince makes a lot of puns.

No offense, last time I played it was a shoot every at all cost’s RDM fest, no RP whatsoever. And the storyline is poorly followed…

Nothing can be done at the first attempt, the last thing was a disaster, yes, it had some nice parts, but yeah. I won’t argue with that. But hey! If you think that people should be judged at first instance, if you think that everyone should grantedly be inhmanly good at something instantly, then… I understand, I guess I’m not worthy of being treated as a human being…

…No, no, don’t mind me… I’ll just… :ohdear:…

Who are you and what did you do to vince?