Any good Lua running programs?

Are there any good programs to debug my scripts and get output? I have LuaEdit but it’s acting up and Notepad++ is incapable of debugging.

You could use the notepad in game by LevyBreak.

Notepad++ isn’t supposed to be for GMod debugging. That is assuming you’re talking about GMod Lua. If we’re talking vanilla I’m not sure what a good debugger would be.

I’m talking about just the general Lua syntax. Not a Gmod debugger.


That doesn’t work for GMod debugging now that Azu removed lua_* exports, does it?

Why did he do this? Exploitation?

That, or to force everyone to use the ILuaInterface for compatibility or something.

If you don’t want to download a program, or just want a simple one, you could use the one available online at

Which broke lots of good stuff

[sp]All to break baconbot or something[/sp]

I use

Though to be honest, the only reason I use it is because I already use Eclipse. LuaEclipse is a bit slow during saving.

Note that it won’t do Gmod Lua syntax. I use standard Lua syntax, so it’s not an issue in my case.