Any good map servers?

Are there any rp servers that are often populated (With at least 4 players), use maps such as oviscity, hometown and omgcity? I haven’t ever been on an oviscity/hometown/omgcity rp server except for on facewan’s gmod 9 server a while ago. I’m sick of seeing downtown, and evocity.

Remember to include the server IP

Echo 2 runs the custom map called city 28 we also run city 11

If you tell me about a server include the IP please

Its serious rp, like TnB serious. Not kidding mega super duper serious.

Any other servers?

TnB really isn’t all that serious :stuck_out_tongue:
Now The Specialist roleplay. Have fucking fun trying to play that shit.

RRP will soon go zombie apocalypse, and run with this:

We run on the map called Downtown_V3. But its nothing like Downtown_V2

You might want to give my server a try, more often then not it’s got more then 6 players. :stuck_out_tongue: