Any good mech tutorials?

Would anyone know of any good mech tutorials? I’ve looked all over for vids or text tuts, but with no luck. I’d like to learn how to use mech chips, as they seem much easier than thrusters/hover-balls/keep-upright…

Thanks for the help


‘Mech Chips’? Take your pick:

Alarei player-scale mech - Lyinginbedmon
I Walk/I Move - NightReaper
Mech Legs 201 - Hip Biased Walking Chip (video) - Sestze

Not really any tutorials bar Sestze’s vid but its the best you’ll get.

Also you could have saved a thread by just taking a cursory glance over the first two pages like I did :\

Sestze’s is the easiests modifiable, And best working one. Atleast that’s what i think.