Any good models of these weapons?

Im looking some specific weapon models (in the best quality possible). It doesnt care if its from a ported game or its in Gamebanana (in fact, gamebanana have some very good models).
Here´s the list:

-Aug A1 (pls, no BLOPS model)
-SG550 AR
-SG550 SV ( )
-SR-1 Vector
-OSV-96 (this is a tough one to find)

Im collecting some weapons models for port them in the future (when i finally have some free time for myself )
There´s no rush with this, im not really desperate for them…

SG550 (as well as two other SG variants, bipod not included, but you should be able to find one somewhere).
I haven’t found any models for the SR-1 Vector or OSV-96, but I’m sure there’s one out there for the both of them.

Got the SR-3M skin uploaded.


SR3m but without textures

Sorry for the too late reply, thanks for the models.
About the SR3M, i think i have an idea for get a great-looking model…

BTW… what about the M95 from Payday 2 DLC?

I honestly haven’t looked that hard, but I haven’t seen the M95 from Payday 2’s DLC anywhere around here. If it turns out that it hasn’t been ripped yet, then the M95 I linked you to is a decent stand-in for it.