Any Good Posing Tutorials?

People keep telling me my posing is bad, any good tuts?

Tutorials can’t really help you but google has reference pictures to what they should look like.

Open up that gmod of yours and look at some sexy reference pictures.

i was actually thinking of doing a posing tutorial. just regular idle stances and stuff like that, because THAT i can do :stuck_out_tongue:

This one is good.

OP has never seen a actual person do stuff before.
You should know how people do basic stuff off real life.
I mean…seriously.

Beat you to it. Was a waste of time, no one used it.

Best thing is to use a picture you can hold in your HAND. Doesn’t matter how. History book, magazine, advertisements, anything you can hold in your hand and look at.

but mine is going to be in video format, with mah sexeh voice :o


meh, now i probably won’t do one.

Ok guys I tried something:

DOF: [img_thumb][/img_thumb]
Motion Blur: [img_thumb][/img_thumb]
Alternate Perspective: [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

What do you think?

[noparse][img_thumb] [/img_thumb][/noparse]

With the url in between like any other

it’s being fucking retarded and not letting me put it in exactly so give me a second


there, fixed



C&C please?

His arm should be more foward than out. Running is that bad, but the other guys position is not natural, he should be more in a battle stance and his feet should be facing link. Overall not that bad for only being shown 2 tutorials. Not that bad for a first either, a tip also, keep doing just the original and have the alternate/filter ones in the thumb untill you get decent at editing.

The best poses are not from what people show you but from what comes from your heart.

Art is not what you see on a musem wall, but what your heart is able to paint through puppeting your hands.


Reference and Common sense are all you need.


if you really aren’t sure, try to stand the way they are standing and see if that helps.

Use yourself as a reference.

Stand up and make a pose. Look how you’re standing. Feel the way you’re standing. Make the ragdoll feel like it’s standing the way you were.


Always works… if you got a big mirror its handy as well :slight_smile:

That is entirely helpful and I’m going to use it in future poses.

No it isn’t… that’s a horrible pose. :geno:

Anyway, the way I learned how to pose was mostly trial and error, learn from your mistakes and ask people what you could improve on.

You don’t become a ‘master poser’ in a few days, it takes patience. And no tutorial can really help you with that.

I know that. I meant it is good for beginners. You grasp the essentials. You won’t become a good poser by looking at the video.
It only shows you the basic techniques.